Winter Trail Markings

Oscarville – Napaskiak Trail Markers

by Gisela Chapa

The days of the midnight sun are slowly turning to the days of the mid-day moons. Winter will continue gradually creeping in until, alas! It is that time of the year to start your snow machines and get around. Travelers will rely on winter trail markings to get them safely around new or existing winter trails – thus leading me to this story today.

The Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge is currently seeking input from the public on a new proposed action: Allowing for winter trail markings via Special Use Permit (SUP) process to those willing to provide for such markings for safety purposes. This action is being proposed across the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge except for any designated Wilderness. To learn more about what is being proposed, you can visit our website by following the link in this QR Code using your cell phone’s camera and read the full Compatibility Determination document that outlines what is being proposed.

What does this mean to you? It means your voice matters. You can provide your input about this proposed activity by emailing or calling us but be sure to do so before October 16th when the public comment period ends.

To submit your comments by email, send to: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] To submit your comments by phone, leave a message at: 543-3151 or 543-1008.