WEIO 2017 is in the books

Alaska's American Ninja Warrior Nick Hanson of Unalakleet thrills the crowd with his gravity-defying backflips at the World Eskimo Indian Olympics this past week in Fairbanks. photo by Greg Lincoln
Phil Blanchett reaches for the sealskin ball in the Mens One Hand Reach.
Mom Jaclyn Weston of Kipnuk gets encouragement from her daughter Rhea, age 4, during the Womens Kneel Jump event at WEIO.
3 year old Adelle Hanson and her sister Lauryn wave to the crowd during the Native Baby Regalia contest at WEIO.

by Greg Lincoln

Congratulations to our athletes and cultural ambassadors who participated in this year’s World Eskimo Indian Olympic events. Opening day started off with the five events including the Race of the Torch that was 3 miles of running in 85˚F weather! Day 2 featured the Native Baby Regalia Contest and the Muktuk Eating Contest. The muktuk was very good, quyana to the folks from Wainwright for sharing these tasty morsels. Day 3 highlights include the excruciating Ear Pull and the Seal Skinning contest. On Saturday evening, Miss WEIO was crowned which is Olivia Piiyuuk Shields, good job. Many volunteers and WEIO officials came together to put on this event, quyana! We also enjoyed the craft sales and many vendors. Below are the results that we were available to us as of press time. We hope to see you again next year!

Toe Kick


1st: Kinniq Sampson, Anchorage, 60”
2nd: Deseray Cumberbatch, Inukjuak, 50” 3m
3rd: Autumn Ridley, Anchorage, 50” 4m


1st: Nick Hanson, Unalakleet, 96”
2nd: Nick Devens, Valdez, 72” 1m
3rd: Phillip Blanchett, Anchorage, 72” 4m

4-Man Carry

1st: Sido Evans, Fairbanks, 218’ 8 ½”
2nd: Robert Strick, McGrath, 214’ 7 ¾”
3rd: Stan Swetzof, Naknek, 27’ 10”

Kneel Jump


1st: Amber Vaska, Fairbanks, 54”
2nd: Sharlane King, Seattle, 47 ¾”
3rd: Erica Meckel, Fairbanks, 42 ¾”


1st: Kyle Worl, Juneau, 60”
2nd: Austin Sumdum, Anchorage, 59 ¼”
3rd: Andrew Kashevarof, Anchorage, 55 ¾”

1-Hand Reach


1st: Chelsea Morrow, Wasilla, 58”
2nd: Autumn Ridley, Anchorage, 56”
3rd: Sharlane King, Seattle, 54” 1 miss


1st: Bernard Clark, Wasilla 69”

2nd: David Thomas, Palmer 65”

3rd: Kyle Worl, Juneau, 64”

Race of the Torch


1st: Brooke Lizotte, Fairbanks, 19 mins. 56 sec.

2nd: Dorothy O’Donnel, Fairbanks, 21 mins. 55 sec.

3rd: Maxie Dibert, Fairbanks, 24 mins. 45 sec.


1st: Keel Simon, Fairbanks, 19 mins. 17 secs.

2nd: David Kokrine, Fairbanks, 19 mins. 38 secs.

3rd: Richard Stevens, Fairbanks, 20 mins. 21 secs.

This year’s Race of the Torch took place in 85˚F weather which was very unbearable hot on opening day.

Ear Pull


1st: Auna Reed-Lewis, Palmer

2nd: Misti Evans


1st: Linc Qimiq, Anchorage

2nd: Leroy Shangin, Anchorage

Two Foot


1st: Sharlane King, 74” (1 miss) Seattle

2nd: Amber Vaska, 74” (3 misses)


1st: Andrew Kashevarok, 98” Anch

2nd: Kyle Worl, 96” Juneau

3rd: Casey Ferguson, 96” Eagle River

Seal Skinning

1st: Mary Kakoona, Shishmaref, 1 min. 58 secs

Stick pull


1st: Autumn Randazzo, Anch

2nd: Michelle Wardlow, Seward

3rd: Julie-Anna Val Velzor, Anchorage


1st: Mathew Sido Evans, Fairbanks

2nd: Donovan Phillips, Kenai

3rd: Stan Swetzof, Naknek

Alaskan High Kick


1st: Autumn Ridley, 83”


1st: Casey Ferguson, Eagle River 93”

2nd: Elijah Cabinboy

Greased Pole Walk


1st: Amanda Galloway, Kenai, 68”

2nd: Christina Glenzel, Anchorage, 56 ½”

3rd: Michelle Strange, Anchorage, 34 ¼”


1st: Nick Hanson, Unalakleet, 77 ¾”

2nd: Kyle Worl, Juneau, 71 ¼”

3rd (tie): David Thomas, Palmer

Charles Teter, Fairbanks, 53 ¼”

Fish Cutting

1st: Ariella Derrickson, 27.61 secs

2nd: Marjorie Tahbone, 29.10

3rd: Kelly Lincoln, 41 secs

Muktuk Eating

1st: Diane DuFour, Fairbanks 1 min. 33.98 secs

2nd: Donna Rexford

3rd: Siikauraq Whiting

One Foot

1st: Tim Field, 116”

1st: Desaray Cumberbatch, 88” Inukjuak, Nunavik

Knuckle Hop

1st: Kyle Worl 148’ 4.5” Juneau

Indian Stick Pull

1st: Marjorie Tahbone

Blanket Toss

1st: Chelsea Morrow, Wasilla

Eskimo Stick Pull


1st: Autumn Randazzo, Anchorage

2nd: Michelle Wardlow, Seward

3rd: Julie-Anna Van Velzor, Anchorage


1st: Matthew Sido Evans, Fairbanks

2nd: Donovan Phillips, Kenai

3rd: Stan Swetzof, Naknek