We need a sound foundation

by Peter Twitchell

The world needs us right now indigenous people to guide our youth in using our value system. We need our youngsters to respond to this positive stimulus. We need to brighten a dark world with our beacon and light.

I love our people who grew up with the spirit of love. We need a sound foundation before we can contribute to our brothers and sisters within our Indigenous native tribes across the country.

And there many, like a bundle of arrows that no one can break because we stand together united as one. We cannot stand around and let a select few stand up and speak for each other.

Each one of us represents an arrow. Alone we are weak, but together we are a strong nation of Indigenous peoples. Together we have a voice that will be heard around the world but first we must be strong and healthy, sober, alert, vigilant and ready to lead.

If you are quiet nothing gets accomplished. A lot of us talk and we never see end results. A few of us, such as Chief Eddie Hoffman, never gave up hope and a lot was accomplished. He balled us out until he saw results and pushed on!