We Can Do It! 11th Annual Sudan Fundraiser:

DR. JILL SEAMAN WITH NYAYUA “Nyayua is an amazing woman,” says Dr. Seaman. “As a child she was in a refugee camp where she was trained in women’s care. She is also such a meticulous embroiderer that we trained her to do a specific eye surgery where the eyelashes are flipped off the eyes to a normal position thus saving the vision.”

Adapting to the pandemic, The South Sudan Medical Relief Fundraiser Committee announced they will have this year’s fundraiser online. The three day silent auction will begin August 20th and all items, services will be announced on Sunday, Aug 23.

“This is a chance for the whole Delta to work together and get very creative,” says long time organizer Ashley Fairbanks, who went to Sudan to help Jill some years past. “We are asking people to make very creative and generous donations for the auction.”

Many people are already volunteering to make things to sell—art masks and of course the by now famous Shorty Salzbrun fire pit. Other people are donating special dinners, jams, and other homemade food.

When asked how the pandemic has changed things in Old Fangak, Dr. Seaman said everyone lives hand to mouth all the time. Now though it takes weeks longer to get food and medical supplies because the pandemic has caused so many stoppages at borders.

Dr. Seaman is leaving Bethel shortly before the event and hopes that everyone online can meet the people of Old Fangak, South Sudan via Skype or Zoom.

“They are very curious about people from Bethel. I have shown them pictures and they say Bethel looks very much like their own river! They are very curious about Bethel,” she added.

“It is so amazing the wonderful things people are willing to donate,” says Vicki Malone. She can be contacted at 907-545-5323 or via Facebook if anyone have something to donate. Bethel residents can drop things off at the BCSF office by calling Kate McWilliams 543-1812.