We are the creators of our destiny

by Peter Twitchell

Life can be a blessing or a curse, think about it for a moment. We shape our world and color it. We can shape our lives with twists and bends that are difficult to smooth out and correct. We live with the consequences of our haste to do things our way and find we’ve wasted precious time.
Listen to the elders, they are a blessing put in front of us to instruct and guide us. If we listen with open ears, half of our problem is solved.
We will make mistakes on our journey in life, and we must learn from our errors a lesson. A lesson learned is a blessing put there in front of us by the Creator.
Not too long ago I bought two carvings, one by a master carver who has learned his craft well. He knew the right tools and materials to reach a point of perfection in life. The other was fake and copied for a quick buck. The master put life into his work.
I heard about the 50 shades of an individual recently who was in the public eye, and made a costly mistake. We all have made mistakes and each one of us has 50 colors that have both tainted and enhanced us.
The colors we choose are real, and the ones we’ve chosen to show our true colors are lit up like a neon sign.
Too much of the time is spent on self-defeating colors that defeat us always at the end. I like to think of defeat as laziness, keeping the status quo, never attempting to change our self-defeating behaviors.
I believe we are the creators of our destiny.
Prisoners who are not open to the idea of becoming free, productive, successful happy individuals are stuck in the traps of their own. Prisoners who desire change in their lives are happier, creative in service to help themselves, others and future generations.
They accomplish their goals one step at a time, one day at a time.
A woman and a man recently told me, “I’m still sober.” Congratulations – you made that become a reality in your lives.