We all have a lot to learn about life

by Peter Twitchell

In reading the June 5, 2019 Delta Discovery Newspaper I found the writers and commentators to be diverse, provocative, informative, caring, self-expressive and interesting. Perhaps the paper leads us to self discovery who we are as individuals, and upstanding people, who want to make a difference.

I find that most people here and there have good ideas about life in general but keep to themselves. You also hear great minds among those who attend talking circles. Some people may seem slow and shallow and outfathom us in their wisdom, and contribute greatly to our knowledge.

All the good and helpful words we hear only make a difference in our personal lives when we start practicing a good standard of living.

I’m sure you’ve heard it too. “God helps those who help themselves.” It’s not enough to hear about love, honor and respect on a Sunday morning. We have to practice daily loving each other.

It’s darn difficult to love someone who isn’t lovable. Their actions contradict everything the Bible (God’s Word) teaches us. If only we take to heart and practice good living standards we will live longer, more productive lives.

I always hear, “I want to live a peaceful, quiet life.” The truth is only we can do that. As an individual I can attain this goal, but first I have to do some house cleaning. I have to let “EGO” go.

No matter how wrong we are, our ego tells us I’m right, and I’m right all the time. I can write up a list of my good characteristics that only outline why I think I’m better than anyone else. That’s all my ego does, and that’s all it does – puts us on a pedestal above someone else.

Shame on me!

I want to focus on the good qualities of a person, and not judge them. We all, both young and old, have a lot to learn about life.