Video recaps community’s 4th of July celebration, thank yous

Youth in Kongiganak have fun while padding in the kayak contest during the 4th of July.

by Greg Lincoln

The community of Kongiganak celebrated the 4th of July with events including a kids kayak race, intramural basketball, indoor and outdoor activities, adult night games, and raffles.

There is a video on their page, Kangirnarmiut Caurallrit that they shared with the Delta Discovery, quyana.

The kids looked like they were having a blast while wearing their red “Wear it Alaska” personal floatation devices and paddling their double-bladed paddles on a small lake. Folks were gathered along the pond to cheer them on!

Kongiganak would like to thank the following for their donation, and making our 4th of July a fun success for our community: Grant Aviation, Donlin Gold, Calista Corp., Puvurnaq Power, A&L Variety Shoppe, Kong Rec Committee and our volunteers.