Update on previous announcement of Anchorage Museum admissions policy

We recently sent you a press release announcing a new policy offering free general admission to Alaska Native visitors. I wanted to let you know that we have made the decision to pause the policy to assure the program is implemented in the best way.

The Anchorage Museum is a community asset, and we want to make sure all policies involving access and availability are in line with the community’s expectations while following all legal guidelines.

We remain deeply committed to the goals of honoring Indigenous people and improving access to their cultural belongings. In the upcoming weeks the Anchorage Museum, together with its board of directors, partners, advisers, and experts, will study possibilities and how best to implement any changes that accomplish these goals. We will announce any further policy changes as they occur.

The Anchorage Museum is pleased to provide opportunities for free access to the museum. Details can be found at our website, (www.anchoragemuseum.org).

Anchorage Museum

Anchorage, AK

March for Gaza: Fairbanks joins International marches demanding a Ceasefire

Alaskans demand that Senators Murkowski and Sullivan and Rep. Peltola Join the majority of Americans who want a ceasefire now

Alaskans gathered today (Jan. 13th, 2024) in downtown Fairbanks to pressure the Alaska Delegation to demand an immediate ceasefire and an end to the occupation in Palestine. As Israel faces genocide proceedings in the International Court of Justice, Fairbanksans join millions around the world who are showing their solidarity with Palestinians. Israel’s relentless bombardment of the Gaza Strip nears 100 days and has claimed the lives of over 23,000 innocent human beings, including more than 10,000 children.

Alaskans understand and object to U.S. tax dollars being used to fund the war crimes of Israel and also object to President Biden’s continued overriding of Congressional oversight on weapon sales to Israel. The actions of both the US and Israeli governments are creating mounting tensions internationally, making the world more unsafe for all of us. With a rise in hate crime directed at both Muslims and Jews, and the doxxing and silencing of free speech, Alaskans remain committed to creating safe and welcoming communities that value and uphold all life as sacred.

Fairbanks resident, Aviv Gilbert, shared the following:

When I think about the values I hold and am taught to hold as Jewish person, I think of peace, of shalom, of kindness. I think of the value of human life, of pikuach nefesh, or the need to preserve life at all costs. Yet when Israel forces bomb a hospital, a war crime by all accounts, I cannot see the preservation of life in action.

Veteran and mother, Shelby Bowling, spoke to the crowd of about 80 in below freezing temperature:

As both a mother and combat veteran, I denounce the violence against the Palestinian people. The use of white phosphorus, hellfire missiles (designed to maim and inflict pain), and the blatant targeting of medical and media personnel and children, is in direct violation of International humanitarian law.

Alaskan resident and member of the Jewish community, Rebecca Siegel shared:

What gives me hope is that Jewish people across the country, from the 18 elders who chained themselves to the White House fence to the protestors who shut down the California legislature, are speaking out to say, ‘Not in Our Names’.

Palestinian-born Alaska resident, Princess Johnson (of Alaska Native and Jewish decent), offered gratitude to the crowd:

We stand here as human beings, in defense of human life, and also of our Mother Earth, who we all depend upon. We’re in the middle of a climate crisis – the bombing around the world only adds to this crisis. We know we can have peaceful coexistence, but we must have justice first. Ceasefire now and end the occupation.

Alaskans for a Ceasefire 

Fairbanks, AK

Beyond the Grades: Navigating Educational Landscapes for Your Child in Alaska 

Envision the hustle and bustle of the end of a school day – students frantically stuff papers into backpacks while running to catch a rapidly departing bus; parents waiting patiently in pick-up lines, scanning the crowd of students for their child. As the school day comes to a close, and you, the parent, finally have a moment to ask your children the ever-important question: “How was your day?”

What kind of answers are you hearing? Maybe a mumbled “fine” or perhaps a disgruntled “nothing”? According to Gallup’s latest poll, your child isn’t the only one. Satisfaction with U.S. education has declined to 36%. While a good number of parents may believe their child is performing satisfactorily with a B grade, the reality is that many students are lagging academically. A joint study by Gallup and the nonprofit Learning Heroes revealed that although nearly 80% of parents reported their students were earning at least B grades, less than half of the students achieved proficiency benchmarks on standardized tests.

At the same time, education options have grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, spurred by pandemic disruptions to not just education but family lifestyles that remain with us today. Building on the slow growth of options over the last thirty years of the modern school choice movement, families can now select types of schools or programs that didn’t exist a generation ago.

In the last year, 20 states have increased school choice as parents continue to seek better learning options. The significant growth in education alternatives in 2023 has prompted millions of families to inquire about these new choices. With School Choice Week 2024 getting closer, parents in Alaska can explore alternatives at local events for the next school year.

The bottom line is this: every child is unique. Choosing to do something different for your child’s education than what your parents chose for you, what your neighbors have selected, or what your friends recommend may be necessary because you are the expert about what they need. A great school for many other kids may just not be the right match for your child. The good news is: that’s alright! We are living during the high-water mark of K-12 education options in American history.

As you begin researching school options in your area, take advantage of National School Choice Week, held the last week of January each year, to learn more about schools in your area. Time is important here. With so many education choices popping up, application deadlines often close early for the next school year. National School Choice Week (January 21-27, 2024) is coming up and aims to make things easier for parents. They’ll spread the word across the country, and schools will host thousands of events. If parents already found a great school for their kids, they can help others by sharing their experiences.

As you attend events, contact schools, and connect with other parents in your community, notice what school types might best suit your child and then use this exciting week to jumpstart your school choice journey, so you are ready for the start of the 2024-2025 school year and can answer the question of “How is my child doing in school?” with confidence and conviction, knowing you made the best choice for your child!

Shelby Doyle, Vice President of Public Awareness

National School Choice Awareness Foundation

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