Unofficial Calista Corporation Annual Meeting results

by Thom Aparuk Leonard

As of Friday evening, Calista Corporation announces the unofficial voting results of the 2018 Annual Meeting. Certified results from the Inspector of Elections are due by Tuesday.
Reelected: Myron Naneng, JoAnn Werning, Robert Beans
Newly elected: Marcie Sherer for At-Large
Resolution to create an Calista Corp. Settlement Trust: Passed
We appreciate the thousands of Shareholders who cast their votes. It was for a stronger Calista with significant support for a Settlement Trust that will save the Corporation and its Shareholders money.
Shareholders clearly voted for stability and continuing the steady growth of our Corporation. We thank all of the people who let their voice be heard at the meeting and through their proxy.
Shareholders also made their voices heard in 2012 when the Calista Board of Directors responded to Shareholders and removed discretionary voting by the Board. Today, as with every annual meeting since 2012, it was the Shareholders who elected the directors with their votes.
Thom Aparuk Leonard is the Communications Manager for the Calista Corporation.