Today is a gift

by Peter Twitchell

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth I believe has a purpose for each and every one of us who are still able. I know Almighty Creator God plays an important role in what we do with our lives.

Otherwise why are we still in the present?

I know that today is a gift that is bestowed on each one of us. Let’s use each day wisely and avoid any regret we might have later on.

I think back in my life and it truly amazes me what we’ve all been through in each of our lives because I’m no different than you. I live, I cry, and I laugh like you.

Each one of us has a story that would amaze anyone who cares to listen to our stories of survival of when the odds were against us.

The Almighty God needed each person, He has a purpose in mind. In retrospect looking at the life we live from birth to the present day we have to admit, our lives are full of miracles – some unexplained.

Meaning extraordinary events manifesting divine intervention in our life. This makes me marvel and wonder about the power and the driving force of God in our lives.

Living life is awesome from one day to the next, it’s never the same. Even looking back the last two years there was never a dull moment as isolated as we were from the rest of the world.

I managed to travel out of state in 2020, 2021, and 2022 and observed life. It never stopped people from living life – everyone was coping with the threat of the Covid virus pandemic.

I observed one thing: people here and there were drawing closer to their loved ones, strangers and living life as best they could. I give Almighty God/Creator gratitude for every day I’ve lived and managed to survive.

I observed indigenous people Practicing what their ancestors have taught them to do in their life. Love each other and care for each other. And during those times when you couldn’t rub two quarters together or as my dad would say back in the 1950s, eight bits.

I noticed an unusual phenomenon. The big food chains here in Alaska and outside were lacking coins of all denominations. And the coins I managed to save were wrapped and brought to the bank to exchange for paper money. These coins got a happy reception.

Today I get change back and manage to put coins away for later when I will need them.