The Sleeping Giant

by Peter Twitchell

The earth is like a sleeping giant, when it awakes it is uncontrollable. In my 67 years walking the tundra, the land has been friendly.

I experienced my first earthquake November 30, 2018. A catastrophe such as this does something to a mind that was once at peace, much like the beautiful peaceful tundra. A stable mind can get banged in.

Immediately after all the shaking caused by the 7.0 earthquake, the mind is no longer at peace. I don’t feel my mind has fully recovered, like a water line. It was broken and flooded my mind with doubtful thoughts of the house, which was once stable – caving in with every aftershock and there has been over a dozen of them.

When I shower I remembering the violent shaking the earthquake caused and falling objects. My mind is in survival mode, ready to step out of the bathtub should I feel a tremor, or scurry hurriedly down the flight of our second story steps for fear of tumbling down and injuring myself in an earthquake.

Now I must begin the repair of an injured mind. I am not an invincible giant.