The right to a peaceful environment

by Peter Twitchell

When we were boys not too long ago, and we were going out to play we were given instructions by our mom and dad and grandparents, “Ilaten ata kenkurluki piurqina.” Meaning, “Love one another as you go about your way.”

Love in Webster’s dictionary says: “unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for others.”

Back then we were scoring big with our follow through and practice. Today when I see drunkenness, arguing and fighting verbally and physically in and outside our stores in Bethel, I shrink in fear.

Think of the children who see this negative behavior daily in Bethel! As grown ups, what are we teaching our next generation? That it’s okay to unleash our wrath and anger in public places? Ranting and raving should never be allowed or tolerated in public places! Whose fault is it? All of us in society and it starts at home.

Ask your city council member and representative is there a city code, an ordinance in place? Levy a huge fine to the business and store keepers who allow this disgusting behavior on their premises.

Citizens, we all have a right to a peaceful and clean environment! By that I mean foul mouth language and bad behavior and I sure don’t see it here in Anchorage.

We better clean up our act now, rather than later! We’ve been scoring zero for too long! In tennis a score of zero is loveless, adj.

I just heard our Vice President Mike Pence speak to the Liberty College graduates in Virginia about the freedom they have to go out into the world and change it. We need to liberate ourselves from the scourges of chemical abuse like alcohol, but we also need to put security guards in places of commerce.