The highway that never ends

by Peter Twitchell

People in my village of Bethel Alaska say that we have a total of 15 miles of road in Bethel. I have been on a road that ever ends!

Route 66 from Las Vegas to Colorado, to Arizona – miles and miles of it with no end in sight. So far I’ve seen dry land with miles of solar panels in Nevada. It’s clean energy that I’ve felt good about as we begin to try and stop the rapid decay of pristine atmosphere in our country and the world we live in.

We continue to look for a suitable planet in our solar system that would sustain human life.

The Colorado Dam that provides electivity to people in the State of California and beyond – it simply boggles the mind how much the forces of nature provide energy to multitudes of people. I am amazed!

The sun beats down in the 70s soon to even get hotter. I’ve seen miles and miles of 18 wheelers westward bound. The landscape looks like the old west with its cactus plants and mesas, just like in western movies.

It is hot and dry and I’m finally starting to see ravens and snow top mountains and fern trees of Arizona.

I remember 4 months ago on an overnight trip to Bethel I paid $210 to lodge one night on the Bethel waterfront. Here in Flagstaff I’m at Days Inn and paid less than $300 for 6 nights of stay. My adventure starts back up today on our great planet!