Thanksgiving wishes

by Greg Lincoln

Let us be thankful in all that we do, because the opposite of thankfulness is to not care, and that is not how we should be.

Folks living in our vast homeland have a trait in common – among others – and that is thankfulness. Being thankful is so ingrained into our values that it influences and affects all the other values and beliefs that we build our lives upon.

We teach it to our children starting from birth and we can see it in our Elders as they help in the transmission of this culture to the younger generations.

Let us always show our gratefulness in return for all acts of kindness, for all the help and work on our behalf, for gifts no matter how small, and services rendered unto us.

This past Sunday at church a little child gave a very small gift to Kelly. It was so tiny that you could hardly see it. The beauty of a gift is not in its size or grandeur, or in how glamourous or expensive it may be – it is the thought that really matters. They didn’t have to give, but they did and that is love in its most natural and purest form.

In return they received abundant thanks.

So we thank you all for the countless myriad of thoughtful deeds and prayers that you have said and done on our behalf. The air is full of your prayers.

Kids, if you have letters of Thanks, please send them to us via email at [email protected] with your name and where you are from. Quyana and we wish everyone a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving spent with your loved ones.