Thankful for Family

by Peter Twitchell

During this time of the year we’re thankful for our children and grands, our past families who gave us a strong foundation on which to stand on and weather the storms of life – one of which is the Pandemic of 2020.

Our families and our friends who stood by us through thick and thin, and those who stand by us now. It’s been a tough year losing loved ones and friends, but tomorrow we will wake up to a better day with a vaccine to ward off the COVID virus.

Thanks to the saints in research diligently working to find a cure. God Bless You and the vaccine too.

Meanwhile, I want to say a heartfelt “thank you” to our Native Tribal organization, the Urucararmiut Native Council for overseeing the CARES Act aid made to tribal organizations to make available to all their membership! It has been a Godsend during this difficult year!

I thank the Calista Corporation for helping us. I want to thank the Bethel Native Corporation for their help too. What our corporate leaders have done for us is great keeping the blues away.