State of Alaska District Court in Bethel April 12 – 22


Reginald Edward Konig, 30 Violate Conditions of Release 4th Degree Misconduct Involving Weapons 1 Day, 1 Yr. Prob.

Paul Herbert, 27 Alcohol Beverages Transported by Common Carrier $250, 1 Yr. Prob.

Jackie Tinker, 34 Driving Under the Influence $5000, 120 Days

Richard P. Ivan, 48 3rd Degree Assault 2 Yrs. Prob.

David T. Alexie, 25 2nd Degree Harassment 1 Yr. Prob.

Ted Milton Jones, 57 4th Degree Assault 1 Yr. Prob.

Nicholas Luke Hoover, 41 Violate Conditions of Release Resist/Interfere with Arrest, 2nd Degree Harassment $150, 2 Yrs. Prob.

Byron Demantle, 35 Driving Under the Influence 20 Days, $3000, 2 Yrs. Prob.

Abraham James Dull, 32 1st Degree Criminal Trespassing 1 Yr. Prob.

Nathaniel D. Simon, 22 4th Degree Assault 3 Yrs. Prob.

Clara A. Demientieff, 69 Alcohol Beverages Transported by Common Carrier $250

Julian Kenneth Jimmy, 24 Driving Under the Influence $1500, 3 Days, 1 Yr. Prob.

Probation violations

Byron Demantle, 35 Violated Conditions of Probation

Joseph Oscar Keene, 26 Violated Conditions of Probation 5 Days

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