Safety for humanity

by Peter Twitchell

2020 was one tough year nothing like we ever experienced in recent years. We didn’t know what was going to happen to us, our uncertainty kept us on edge. We were told we were dealing with a very contagious virus and there were certain safety measures to follow. The social distancing, wear masks to protect ourselves and others, washing our hands and keeping to ourselves hunkered down or stay in our family bubble.

Many of our friends, relatives, and people around the world perished. We lost someone along the way the last twelve months, they are gone but not forgotten.

Now we have a vaccine to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 virus. We will continue to sanitize and practice the safety measures we learned. We will continue to pray for humanity’s safety.

I heard an interesting comment along the way. And, it was that people were sanitizing their homes with Clorox during the tuberculosis scourge back in the early days and many people survived TB. Others never contracted it.

There were so many praises for Lord God Jesus of Nazareth the last year. It was comforting and needed to keep our hope alive. We thank everyone for prayers when it was needed on a daily basis. I believe it drew us closer together although the coronavirus vaccine is being given and we are prayerful and careful every day sanitizing our house.