Rogers of Bethel to compete for Mrs. Alaska title

Alissa Nadine “Anguksuar Qiuran” Rogers has accept the position as Mrs. Bethel United States. She is the wife of Leland J. Rogers, of Bethel, Alaska; the granddaughter of the late John & Alice Hanson, of Alakanuk, AK and the late Fred “Cyril Keoran Qiuran” & Bridget “Ala” Joseph, of Hooper Bay, AK. She is the daughter of Marita “Mardy” Hanson & Allen Joseph and Craig & Tamy Rogers, of Bethel, Alaska.
Alissa Nadine is 30 years old, turning 31 the day of the pageant, and mother of three children: Taylor Paige, Mason James, and Jackson Allen Mathew.
This will be her first year as Mrs. Bethel United States. Her purpose in the pageant is to represent the Yukon Kuskokwim Regional Delta. She intends to use this opportunity to advocate the rights of the people. Her passions for this pageant are her strengths. Her hopes are to make positive changes and influences throughout the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta Region.
The title of Alissa’s platform is the Anguksuar Qiuran Cultural & Natural Resources Center. This has been her personal project.
“I’ve been working on this since I graduated from First Nations Futures Program at Stanford University last November 2017. This facility will serve the whole Yukon-Kuskokwim Regional Delta. Its purpose is to evolve around the connection and complex relationship between our resources, culture, traditions, and management. Departments include: The Institute of Cultural & Natural Resources, Yukon & Kuskokwim River Fisheries, Y-K Delta Wildlife, The Regional Migratory Waterfowl, The Nunamteni Environmental Services, The Rehabilitation & Research Stanford University Center, J.H. & G.R. Law & Regulatory Office, The Rogers Youth Opportunities Program, and The Research Retention Library,” said Rogers.
The success of her platform is a pilot project to be established in different cultures worldwide.
Alissa is currently employed at the Kuskokwim River Inter Tribal Fish Commission as the Director of Operations. She attends the University of Alaska Fairbanks working towards a Masters in Environmental Engineering & Indigenous Law. Her community involvement includes: Secretary of the Alaska Board of Fish & Game Bethel Advisory Committee, Madam Chairman of the United States Dept. of Interior Yukon-Kuskokwim Subsistence Regional Advisory Council, Madam Chair of the Bethel Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Founder of No Donlin Gold Mine Project Working Group, helping the homeless and intoxicated, cleaning up the community, helping youth opportunity programs, and volunteering with local organizational programs.
In the beginning of the pageant the contestants are asked a series of questions. One of the questions struck home for Alissa. This was her reply, “The destruction of Alaska’s Natural Resources is affecting Alaska’s economy and her people. My region has the highest poverty in Alaska, but we are the highest subsistence harvesters. Our resources are very important as it is a part of our identity and our culture. The effects have caused generational trauma that killed millions throughout millennia. Awareness and outreach are not enough anymore; it is time to address congress properly.”
Mrs. Alaska United States is a pageant with a purpose.
We believe that pageants must give back to the community. Our pageant requires each competitor to have a “platform” that they are actively promoting and will continue to promote, should they become Mrs. Alaska United States. We set the example with our “Pageant with a Purpose” campaign, where thea pageant itself adopts a non- profit to support financially, and through volunteerism throughout the year. Our goal is to make positive change right here in Alaska as the married women of our great state.
Alissa Nadine Rogers, Mrs. Bethel will be contesting for Mrs. Alaska United States. The pageant will take place April 28th, 2018, at Diamond High School Auditorium, Anchorage, AK. If she proceeds on, she will compete for Mrs. United States, at Florida, in July.
To purchase your tickets, send donations, be a sponsor, and show support. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Bethel at:
Alissa Nadine Rogers
P.O. Box 2405
Bethel, AK 99559
(907) 306-4345