Read the fine print

by Peter Twitchell

I’ve received gifts and bought items with labels stuck to them that I need a magnifying glass to read the fine print. It tells you where the item was made and which state in our country determined that the product was considered to have cancerous material.

Such as a nice LED light. It was given to me at Christmas and a pocket knife I bought for my daughter and me the other day.

I really wanted to return these items and get a refund.

I spoke to my son and got a wake up call. My son expressed to me that we can get cancer from anything today, even from the water we drink, the sun, the air we breathe, food, etc.

At first I was angry that anyone would sell for a profit a product that was considered cancerous. I really think it is absurd anyone would do this. If I was a manufacturer of cancerous material I don’t have it in my heart to sell anyone something they could become ill and die from, or my enemies if I had any.

I’m going to be a better shopper from here on. I’m going to pay closer attention to labels on products I buy. Who in their right mind would buy a hazardous product, especially for someone else?

I called my daughter and apologized for giving her a cancerous gift and told her to toss it away.