Qimagag’er/Panigkiun ~ Elizabeth Viola Spud

Qimagag’er was a loved daughter, sister, niece, cousin, mother, grandmother, a great grandmother, a partner, and a friend. She passed away peacefully with loved ones by her side.

Qimaga’er was born to Walter & Nona Amos at Mekoryuk. She was the first-born of 14: Stella, Rolland, Cecilia Woodard, Howard Amos, Fannie Degrote, Tony Amos, Rolland Amos, Oscar Amos, Christina Amos, Frieda Seebold, Raymond Amos, Bryon Amos, and Barbara Amos.

She gave birth to four children: Charlie Spud Jr., Shirley Spud, Brenda Spud, and Beverly Spud. She had four grandchildren, Christopher, Tyler, Shannon, and Karlie. She also had three great grandchildren: Blake, Ava, and MaKenzie.

She was preceded in death by both her parents, her five siblings (Stella, Rolland, Cecilia, Fannie, and Christina), and two daughters (Shirley and Brenda). She is survived by her life partner: Scott Easley, eight siblings (Howard, Tony, Rolland, Oscar, Frieda, Raymond, Bryon, and Barbara), two children, Charlie and Beverly, daughter-in-law Joanne, grandchildren, great grandchildren and many nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends.

In the latter part of her life, she discovered the love of her life: being an avid Alaska Native Skilled SilverHand Artist. She loved creating skin sewing, sewing, beading, knitting, and fine arts jewelry. She loved making her crafts work alongside Scott E. She found real joy in making new friends, travelling, and creating beautiful crafts. She will be remembered well for being funny, kind, beautiful, and loving. She loved to laugh and socialize with people. Qimagag’er will be missed dearly. Camillini Tanggiigmgin.