Pick.Click.Give. program is easier than ever to participate in

It’s January of 2019 and that means it’s time to file your permanent fund dividend (PFD) and participate in Pick.Click.Give. This year the Pick.Click.Give. Charitable Contributions Program will be found within the PFD application. Instead of completing and submitting the application and then choosing to donate to a nonprofit after submission, the Pick.Click.Give. program has been moved to the end of the PFD application itself. It is now located alongside the UAA Savings program and Veterans Assistance program pieces of the PFD application.

In 2018, 24,155 Alaskans donated $2,294,464.38 to 637 nonprofits across the state. Since its inception, the Pick.Click.Give. Charitable Contributions Program has raised over $21 million for Alaskan nonprofits.

“Alaskan’s are strong, generous people and they continue to support causes they care about. Pick.Click.Give. provides them a convenient, simple, safe way to do that,” said Jessie Lavoie, the Pick.Click.Give. Program Manager at The Alaska Community Foundation.

Pick.Click.Give. is a charitable contributions program managed by The Alaska Community Foundation and the Permanent Fund Dividend Division of the Alaska Department of Revenue with support from the Rasmuson Foundation and The Foraker Group.