Our changing world

by Peter Twitchell

Bobby Gregory told me today September 03, 2021 that the KVNA building was torn down. It’s always good to hear a bit of news from back home however disappointing, we know nothing stays the same.

Times change, weather’s changing, the earth’s temperature is up.

I read Chris Fisher’s comments in Kwethluk throughout the summer how hot it was. West coast with all the fires throughout the summer is a real indicator of our changing world. The earthquakes around the world, the tornadoes and flooding in our eastern United States, and the heat in our midwestern states.

I experienced that myself in California, Nevada, and Arizona this past summer where some vehicles overheated, just burned up. I saw a picture of an outboard burning in one of our upriver villages. And the COVID-19 epidemic of 2020 and still the virus rages on.

People are changing too – angry over little things. Cities are a scary place to live. Our world is getting more hostile and no longer quiet like before.

A lot of places are great to visit around the world, nature is innocent. I enjoy watching nature shows and sports like I did with my sons and daughters when they were children and am amazed that those kids that I watched grow up have families of their own. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the summer Olympics in Japan through the television.

I now have 10 grandkids, 1 great grandchild, and I feel truly blessed in itself. Fully understanding now the aging process and how our health changes amazes me. I am being more health conscious, eating healthier, and spending more time keeping my body strong, and being more thankful to Creator God for each new day.

I look forward to tomorrow and what it will bring and being thankful for my friends, old and new. Thank you for your time.