Nunapitchuk NYO

Photos by Lonny Cruff

After hitting 101″ in the 1-Foot Hick Kick Eric Tinker narrowly misses 102″ in his final most thrilling jump.


Pauline Roberts from Quinhagak concentrates on winning in the Stick Pull event.


Miriam Enoch makes a successful jump in the 1-Foot High Kick.


Spectators including Sophia Sergie and elder Natalia Chaliak from Nunapitchuk, and Gert Tinker from Akiuk.

Nunapitchuk’s Avery Alexie reaches high in the 1-Arm Reach event.


Elena Frederick of Nunapitchuk competes in the AK High Kick.


Akula’s high kicker Eric Tinker kicks the ball  in the 2-Foot High Kick. His final winning height was 80″ 


Arsaar Japhet of Akiak connects with the ball in the 2-Foot High Kick at the NYO Meet in Nunapitchuk, March 23-24, 2018.