Nordic Calista General Manager appointed

Calista Corporation appoints longtime employee of Nordic-Calista Services (“Nordic Calista”), Udo Cassee, to fill new role as General Manager. Udo fulfilled several management roles with Nordic Calista since he started with the company in 2003.

Before Nordic Calista, Udo spent 11 years of his oilfield career with Schlumberger where he worked through different field, engineering, and management positions in the Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom and Alaska. He has extensive experience in the rig and service industry, offshore, onshore and Arctic operations.

Udo holds a Bachelor of Science in oil and gas technology from the University “Noorder Haaks” in Den Helder, the Netherlands.

Udo is an active member with the Civil Air Patrol, working primarily with young cadets and the glider program. He has volunteered as an active pilot with the Iditarod Air Force since 2012 and can be found along the trail supporting the Last Great Race.

Nordic Calista is a drilling and workover company operating primarily on Alaska’s North Slope. Calista took full ownership of Nordic Calista recently by purchasing Nordic Well Servicing Inc., the company’s founder and majority owner. Calista had participated as a 20% Nordic Calista joint venture partner alongside Nordic Well Servicing, Inc., since 1985.