Men arrested

Village Police Officers in Stebbins on 5/30/2020 at approximately 1904 hours, contacted the Alaska State Troopers to report that Richard Hunt, age 32 of Stebbins, Michael Raymond, age 23 of Stebbins, and Paul Pete, age 25 of Stebbins, had stolen two four wheelers and were threatening the VPO’s and community members with steel pipes, an ax, and an anchor. Hunt attempt to run several people over with the stolen four-wheeler. VPO’s were able to detain and arrest Pete although Hunt and Raymond remained at large and caused significate damage to the store door while trying to break in. Hunt and Raymond went to the Public Safety building where Pete was held and assaulted the VPO as they forcefully broke Pete out of custody. Hunt, Raymond and Pete continued to threaten community members and VPO’s. Prior to AST response, the community of Stebbins came together, and Hunt, Raymond, and Pete were ultimately arrested and being held with $25,000, $15,000, and $10,000 bail. Investigation is ongoing and more charges are pending. Anyone with further information is encouraged to contact AST at 1-800-764-5525.