Memories of Christmas Past

by Peter Twitchell

It really doesn’t matter where we are in this world, it is the season families feel a special closeness to each other, our villages and cities are aglow, like a pure heart.

The “Minute Maid” juice makers use the phrase, “put good in, get good out.” We give something good at Christmas to those we truly love. This 2017 Season why don’t we give our hearts to one another.

In the spirit of giving we go overboard buying big and expensive gifts for each other, sometimes we can’t afford presents. This give us a feeling of inadequacy.

My aunt Annie Twitchell, my uncle Tim’s wife cooked me a sourdough pancake breakfast when I was at her house around Christmas. It was wonderful, because she did that our of the goodness of her heart, and I loved her for it.

Any present great or small is icing on the cake at Christmas. I’m going to be with my family and share some memories of Christmas Past.

Love, caring, sharing, respect, mindfulness of the reason for the season, living in the moment, because that is all we have – each other. Remember to be good to yourself because we can’t give away what we don’t have.

Have a blessed Christmas, I had some.

“Pinky” Tom Sekinoff – a man with a kind, loving heart gave me fresh oranges, apples and bananas when I was a boy of 4-5 years old. And he cared about me enough he got down to my level at the Red Top Café where there was a pool table. He crawled under there and said, “Come here,” and pointed at a silver coin and said, “take it,” and smiled. I never forgot that.

We were his neighbor for two years.

About the same time, Oliver Anderson gave me a pint sized can of Planter’s Peanuts. I’ve never forgotten the goodness of these people and many others like Sarge Connick, Charlie Guinn, Maggie Sirilo, Ben Dale, and my grandma.

Thank you for imparting goodness in me.