Memorial Day is for us all

by Greg Lincoln

On the last Monday in May, we gather together in solidarity and with solemn reverence to honor and remember those who died in military service for our country so that we may continue to enjoy the freedoms and liberty offered to us by our nation. We also remember our loved ones who have departed on before us. With this day their memories live on.

We have always appreciated the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10041 and the Ladies Auxiliary for their thoughtfulness and preparedness each Memorial Day when they host a ceremony at the resting place of a fellow comrade. As everyone gathers to hear the speeches, one cannot help but feel the unity and pride and a little bit of sadness as we yearn for our loved ones who have passed on.

This past week we remember our own beloved. We are still grieving in our own deep and unfathomable ways that can only be understood or known by us alone. You too may be grieving also, but in your own way. One day may be different from the other, but this is a constant kind of grief. To those who knew and loved our dear one, we thank you for keeping those memories alive. May your thoughts ne’er grow dim, your friendship and love is bound by strong cords.

We are looking forward to the day when we will be able to gather again together for Memorial Day on hallowed ground. Thank you.