Memorable trips and accomplishments in radio

by Peter Twitchell

I went to the Desert March 23, 2018 to 3.31.18. The desert air agreed with me and I found myself enjoying the cool crisp air in the evenings and the temperature wasn’t quite warm enough to draw anyone to the swimming pool of the South Point Grandview Hotel Las Vegas.
The pollens of the desert sage did not interfere with my sinuses like the birch tree pollen of Anchorage and the Valley. Here I have experienced watery itching eyes and sinuses. I don’t know if I will ever grow accustomed to this springtime summer allergy, only time will tell.
The timeshare breakfast seminar I attended was a little stressful for me. The buy-in for a condominium for a single unit apartment was $27,000 dollars and an annual fee of $400, and about double for a 2 bedroom.
The only appeal to me was the fact that the LA Raiders will have a new home in 2020 when the Raider Stadium is completed. The projected cost is a billion plus as groundbreaking construction is in the beginning stages. This made me daydream about having my own stake at my own timeshares which I would call Igloo Timeshares.
Throughout the 1970s through 1994 I took numerous trips to the lower 48 states for my employer KYUK at the direction of the BBI Board of Directors and management to meet with FCC Commissioners at the time KYUK was changing their radio frequency from 580 to 640 AM.
My trips also included lobbying Congress for radio/TV funding back in the days of Senator Gravel’s political influences. My trips also included radio training conferences and conversations with lower 48 Indian Tribes for procuring satellite transponder acquisition to get Native programming on the satellite to share with Siberian Eskimos, Canadian and Greenland. Being chairman of ICC’s broadcasting commission gave me the opportunity to work with AVCP’s Tom Richards representing the AVCP Calista Region.
What we accomplished was native programming to be shared with Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and the lower 48 regions, along with the help of Susan Braine of the American Indian Native Network, to share radio signals of native programs. Unfortunately the Siberian Eskimos did not participate.