Marilyn Jean Laraux

Marilyn Jean Laraux truly enjoyed this time of year as we celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior’s birth. Her strong faith in the Lord was reflected in her kindness, generosity, prayers and caring for others. Christmas is a time of giving and that is what Marilyn loved to do. Her giving to others and thoughtfulness was reflected her prayers, her random phone calls to check on how you were doing, to tell you about something she read or to tell you a joke. Her humor and laughter was contagious to all of those around her.

The Lord was generous and gave us almost 84 years to share with Marilyn. In July of 2016 the Lord decided her time with us ended and she was received into our heavenly father’s gates. We are blessed and are left with many fond memories of her time spent with us.

Marilyn was born in Escanba, Michigan, she attended St. Xavier College, Mercy School of Nursing in Chicago Illinois. After completing nursing school she arrived in Alaska in 1954 and was a nurse for the Alaska Native Services.

In 1955 she married Alfred Butch Laraux and had 6 children. She was preceded in death by her parents, Kenneth and Cecelia, Sister Bernice, husband Butch, sons Robert, Arthur and Alfred, grandson Tokie and granddaughter Kathleen. She is survived by her children, Tok, Wun and Lady. She was also blessed with many grand-children, and great-grandchildren.

Grams you are missed, but we know you are resting in peace in the presence of the Lord God our Heavenly Father.

In memory of Marilyn, please pray for those in need, be kind, be generous, help one another, forgive one another and love one another.

On behalf of the Laraux family, we would like to thank all of Marilyn’s friends and family for help and support you gave in our time of need. Merry Christmas.