Making Natives the healthiest people

by Peter Twitchell

The medical profession is not too far from fulfilling this promise. No longer do I go to dental to have them pull my teeth. There are really other alternatives to ignoring our teeth. For too long my teeth were extracted from my mouth because of lack of good dental care and professional dentists.
It wasn’t for lack of equipment, but older, experienced dentists.
As I was aging, my teeth weren’t being salvaged, and especially my chewing teeth. The practice of pulling teeth ended when I moved to Anchorage where dental facilities are city-wide but also, the importance of our teeth is a priority.
There is a new attitude on the horizon about the importance of health in general.
People are living longer lives, because that’s what is important and priority. For example, we fast now, and get our blood drawn. There is a study in place where they look at our age, the lipids and cholesterol level in our system and they can predict the probability of heart attacks using measurements and statistics.
I don’t know, or pretend to know, the medical references in these medical studies. This kind of study is necessary in preventative medicine. In a few years medical practices and medicine has improved and I’m glad to be a small part of tests and studies like this.
Better health care is here now targeting longevity in our daily lives and lives of our children and grandchildren. Thank God in the nature of our medicine today.
People are healthier today, due in large part to science of medicine and people behind the bigger picture.