LKSD All Stars tie for 2nd at State NYO tournament YK Delta region athletes buoy Edgecumbe to top team gold

by K.J. Lincoln

Kasigluk’s Eric Tinker of the LKSD All Stars rises up in the air to kick 103″ which earned him the bronze medal at the 2019 State Native Youth Olympics finals last weekend. photo by Greg Lincoln

Tristan Anaver of the Lower Kuskokwim All Stars helped his team to win the silver trophy at the State Native Youth Olympics tournament held in Anchorage last weekend. He also tied the state record for the boys seal hop event at 188 feet.

That is two times the length of the floor at the Alaska Airlines Center baseline to baseline.

Anaver, who is from Kipnuk, joins another record holder also from Kipnuk – his cousin Sigfurd Dock, who seal hopped 188’ feet in 2015 at the same venue.

The games are hosted by the Cook Inlet Tribal Council and run under the watchful eye of Head Official Nicole Johnson. An army of seasoned judges help officiate the games and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

The games started on Thursday with the traditional opening ceremonies and ended on Saturday with the award recognitions.

Winning the team top trophy is the team from Sitka who come from the home of the Braves – Mount Edgecumbe High School, led by Coach Young. At least eight of their team members hail from the Yukon Kuskokwim region, and if not, their parents or grandparents do. That is a little more than half their team.

The Braves also took home the Gloria Walker Team Sportsmanship Award.

Tying for second place were the LKSD All Stars and the team from Unalaska. The LKSD All Stars won two gold medals. Along with Tristen Anaver, Kaeli Amik of Kwigillingok won the Alaskan High Kick with her 72” kick.

Unalaska’s John Villena set a new record in the boys Scissor Broad Jump. He leapt a distance of 36′ 11 ½” on Friday, shattering the record set by Alan Velasco of Cordova in 1993. Velasco’s jump measured 36’ 6 ¼”. It stood for 26 years.

Villena also won the gold in the Alaskan High Kick and the One Foot High Kick, making him a triple-gold winner. He was awarded the Overall Athlete award for scoring the most points in the boys division, which was 15.

The Andreafski Eagles of St. Mary’s were awarded the High-five Academic Excellence Award for the team with 4 or less athletes with their cumulative 3.46 GPA.

The Unalaska Raiders with their 3.79 GPA won for the team with 5 or more athletes.

Alexandria Ivanoff of Unalakleet, representing the Bering Straits School District, won two awards – the Individual Sportsmanship Award along with Judah Eason of Salamatof, and the Overall Athlete award for the girls. She scored 16 points for her team. 

The Healthy Coach award was presented to Juneau’s Kyle Worl.

The Seward Seahawks won the Best Team Banner award. Their banner was a huge mask with decorative appendages.

2019 State NYO Senior Games Results & Awards

THURSDAY, April 25



Regan Hoblet, Mt. Edgecumbe, 47 ¾”

Alexandria Ivanoff, BSSD A, 44 ½”

Tezlyn Kerrone, Mat-Su A, 43 ¾”

Miranda Paul, LKSD, 43 ½”

Cate Gomez, Dillingham, 43 ¼”


Murphy Charles Mt. Edgecumbe, 59”

Eric Tinker LKSD, 56 ¾”

Matthew Quinto, Sealaska, 56 ½”

Jacob Brouillette, BSSD A, 55 ¼”

Floyd Tickett III, NWABSD, 54”



Lorraine Gregory, Anchorage A, 337′ 5″

Mya Campbell, Mat-Su B, 230′ 4″

Kate Koepke, Whitehorse, 222′ 1″

Lisa Tran, Unalaska, 218′ 9″

Victoria Probst, Mat-Su A, 215′ 7 ½”


Jerome Molina, Unalaska, 511′ 2″

Chandler Ulroan, Chevak, 354′ 6 ¼”

Micah Mitchell, NWABSD, 347′ 6 ½”

Ethan Jenkins, Dillingham, 328′ 7 ½”

Richard Oxerok, Mt. Edgecumbe, 327′ 10″



Kaeli Amik, LKSD, 72″

Elaina Anawrok, BSSD A, 68″

Abi Fry, Nunamiut, 67″ 0m

JoBeth Stuart, Bethel, 67″ 1m

Alexandria Ivanoff, BSSD B, 66″


John Villena, Unalaska, 89″

Judah Eason, Salamatof, 84″

Arnold Phillip, LKSD, 83″

Edward Atcherian, Chevak, 82″ 0m

Murphy Charles, Mt. Edgecumbe, 82″ 1m

FRIDAY, April 26



Ashley Hoglund, Mat-Su A

Kiley Clouse, Dillingham

Kamila Asopaolo, Mat-Su B

Shaylena Inga, Anchorage A

Monica Ishnook, SWRSD


Haley Osborne, Mt. Edgecumbe

Andrew Bergan, NWABSD

Kelsey Slater, West Valley

Jack Saslu, Mat-Su A

Sterling Zuboff, Sealaska



Catherine Sunny, Mt. Edgecumbe, 28′ 2 ¼”

Alexandria Ivanoff, BSSD A, 28′ 1 3/4″

Lizzie Tran, Unalaska, 27′ 10 3/4″

Emily King, FH Collins/Whitehorse YT, 26′ 11 ½”

Kiley Hall, Mat-Su B, 26′ 6 3/4″


John Villena, Unalaska, 36′ 11 ½” (new state record)

Jamin Crow, Bethel, 34′ 7 ½”

Erik Mills, NWABSD, 34 2″

Earl Annogiyuk, BSSD A, 34′ ¼”

Jack “Hugh” Youngers, Mt. Edgecumbe, 33′ 4 3/4″



Camille Bernard, Mat-Su A, 58″ 2m @ 58″

Joeli Carlson, Mt. Edgecumbe, 58″ 2m @ 54″

JoBeth Stuart, Bethel, 56″ 1m @ 54″

Eden Hopson, Anchorage A, 56″ 2m @ 54″

Chantal Snyder, LKSD, 55″ 0m


Shelby Samuel, Mt. Edgecumbe, 65″

Iris Paul, LKSD, 63″

Arsaar Japhat, Yupiit, 60″ 0m

Storm Rohrer, Valdez, 60″ 1m

Earl Annogiyuk, BSSD A, 60″ 2m



Andrea Apthorp, Mat-Su A, 72″

Alexandria Ivanoff, BSSD A, 70″

Amanda Kanrilak, LKSD, 66″ 0m

Brystel Charlie, Mt. Edgecumbe, 66″ 1m

Emily King, FH Collins, 66″ 2m


Trevor Wilson, Unalaska, 94″

Jamin Crow, Bethel, 90″

Jaden Black, LKSD, 87″

Luke Riley, Nanwalek, 83″

Dakota Brown, Valdez, 83″ 1m

SATURDAY, April 28



Shanelle Palma, Unalaska

Raeny Bell, LYSD

Kaia Beebe, LPSD

Christine Washington, BBSD

Shayne Westland, Mat-Su A


Ilire Dementieff, Mat-Su B

Arnold Phillip, LKSD

David Epina, Mat-Su A

Ian Anelon, LPSD

Kaden Gibbens, Mt. Edgecumbe



Emily King, FH Collins/Whitehorse YT, 88″

Kaia Beebe, LPSD, 86″ 2m

Alexandria Ivanoff, BSSD A, 86″ 3m

Suzanne Beatty, Mat-Su A, 84″ 0m

Andrea Apthorp, Mat-Su B, 84″ 2m


John Villena, Unalaska, 104″ 0m

Adrian Pleasant, BSSD A, 104″ 4m

Eric Tinker, LKSD, 103″

Edward Kokeok, BSSD B, 102″

Briar Hahn, Mat-Su A, 101″



Adeline Dyment, Mt. Edgecumbe, 145′ 3″

Michelle Atcherian, Chevak 142′ 7″

Abi Fry, Nunamiut 122′ 9″

Emilee Wilson, Kenaitze 109′ 1 ½”

Kate Koepke, Whitehorse YT 108′ 8-3/4″


Tristan Anaver, LKSD 188′

Avey Moses, Mt. Edgecumbe 167′ 9½”

Edward Atcherian, Chevak 142′

Trevor Wilson, Unalaska 113′ 6 ½”

Alvin Washington, BSSD A 111″ 9-1/4″

High-five Academic Excellence Award

Team with 5 or more: Unalaska 3.79 GPA (cumulative)

Team with 4 or less: Andreafski 3.46

Individual Sportsmanship Award

Male: Judah Eason, Salamatof

Female: Alexandria Ivanoff, BSSD

Gloria Walker Team Sportsmanship Award

Mt. Edgecumbe

Healthy Coach

Kyle Worl

Best Team Banner


Overall Athletes

Alexandria Ivanoff, BSSD 16 points

John Villena, Unalaska 15 points

Overall Teams

Mt. Edgecumbe 44 points

LKSD 37 points (tie)

Unalaska 37 points (tie)

BSSD A 29 points

Mat-Su A 28 points

These Senior Games are unofficial results, posted on Sunday, April 28th, 2019.

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