KuC Student of the Year Awards

by Cindy Andrecheck

University of Alaska Fairbanks Kuskokwim Campus is pleased to announce its Student of the Year Awards. Full-time Student of the Year Award was presented to Thomas Andrew Rudy Mian’aq Daniel from Bethel, AK.
Thomas is completing his second year at KuC and will graduate with his Associate of Arts Degree in May 2018. Thomas plans to go to UAF in Fairbanks next year to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in business with a minor in music. After graduation, he plans to open a music store in Bethel together with others who also share his passion for music. Thomas’ high school band class inspired his love of music; his favorite instrument is the ocarina, but he also plays the trumpet and harmonica and is learning flute, guitar and piano. When Thomas is not involved with music, he enjoys reading the Maximum Ride series, collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and playing video games, both old and new.
“Take small steps first,” recommends Thomas. Instead of going to a large college far from home, start small and close to home at KuC. Staying close to home helps avoid homesickness and allows you to learn what college life is all about before going on to a larger university.
Thomas thanks his family for being so supportive during his first 2 years of college, his teachers who inspired him to keep working hard, and especially his Appa David Daniel who understood that, if there was a choice between doing homework or chores, homework won.
KuC’s Part-time Student of the Year Award was given to Kailyn RubyAnn Anvil from Bethel. Ms. Anvil attended Bethel Regional High School through her junior year and graduated from Palmer High School, AK, in 2015. After working in Fairbanks for 2 years, she returned to her home in Bethel and became a Kuskokwim Campus student in the fall of 2017.
Ruby became interested in becoming a forensic pathologist after taking a medical terminology class in high school. That career path is a long one, but Ruby has a plan and is working towards her goal.
In order to support herself and her daughter through medical school, Ruby hopes to join the UAA 2019 nursing cohort housed at KuC, graduating 2 years later as a Registered Nurse, a position in high demand everywhere.
What does Ruby like about KuC? “The people, my peers and instructors – they are great and very supportive … they help if you are doubting yourself.”
Her advice to other students is “Don’t procrastinate! Most people struggle with that and end up behind, then have to cram at the end of the semester. If you’re on the fence about going to college, take a class or two and try it out. Have fun with college.”
Ruby would like to thank her family, especially her grandparents, who provide loving childcare which allows her to come to school, study, and work a part-time job on campus.
Congratulations Thomas and Ruby from all of us at Kuskokwim Campus.