It’s never easy to lose a friend

by Peter Twitchell

I have a friend who is terminally ill. It’s never easy to lose a friend. To tell you the truth, I was overcome with anger when I found out. Due in large part to my own mortality, aging, and limitations.

Also, while we’re still here and alive, our loved ones, family and friends have really in a profound way helped to make us who we are. This I am grateful for, and I owe a “thank you” for others who have given me life and those who have taught me how to live it.

My cousin Joe when he knew he was close to the end of his life became unafraid of death. He lived his life to its fullest when he accepted that his time here was limited. He faced death with hope, acceptance, peace, love and joy.

He gave that to many people including me. He accepted that when the time came he would have a birthday in eternity. Hope, acceptance, peace, love and joy was his and I know it can be mine too.

By now we have heard the Sinner’s Prayer. Asking Creator God-Jesus to forgive us for falling short of his glory and throne, to live in us, and to take us into His Kingdom when we die, only through Jesus Christ of Nazareth, our salvation out of this world of darkness and sin.

The faithful in the Lord Jesus Christ gave to us this strength when they were here. They left a part of themselves with us, even in death.

My friend is still with us, and he has given me strength to endure and accept death here physically and the spirit which lives in each of us moves on back to its Creator.