Honor and cherish your wife

by Peter Twitchell

Today, May 13, 2018, was Mother’s Day and I learned a lesson from preacher Dr. Jerry Prevo of the Anchorage Baptist Temple. Jerry, in my opinion, is a down to earth guy chosen by the Almighty God to preach his word to the people of Anchorage and reach out to rural Alaska, thanks to the power of satellites.
1 Peter 3:7 says, Honor and understand your partner – wife. Jerry was referencing Ephesians 6:2-3, which refers to men understanding his wife and what makes her happy and what breaks her heart. Pastor Prevo put it this way:
“Women have a vocabulary of 50,000 words per day and men 10,000. By the time man gets home from work he’s used up his vocabulary and has none for his wife.”
When we don’t communicate to our partner, she does not feel special. As men we need to change this dynamic of treating our wife and treat her as if she was fine delicate silk. Treat her special like something you really cherish and care about, not like a door mat.
Women are special and need protection. In other words, handle your mother, sister, fiancé, wife with care. A man is the leader of his household and must show by his actions the love he must display to his children, how precious a woman is to the family. The woman carries her child 9 months before delivering her child.
Pure and simple. Us men exist because our mother brought us into this world and she is never to be disrespected and abused. Otherwise we come short of God’s grace and we will not be blessed if we fail Him.