Goodnews River Drainage Moose Season open

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announces the opening of the Goodnews River drainage winter moose hunt (RM621). The Goodnews River drainage hunt area (that portion that drains into Kuskokwim Bay south of the Carter Bay Drainage (59.180 N 162.003 W) has fall (September 1- 30) and winter (to be announced) moose hunting opportunities. The combined quota for fall and winter seasons is 40 moose, and 5 antlered bulls were harvested during the fall hunt. The season will allow hunting from December-15-2023 through March-31-2024 with a bag limit of one (1) moose. The season will be closed by emergency order prior to March-31-2024 if the harvest quota of 35 moose is reached. Permits are available in Platinum and Goodnews Bay and online.