General Election Ranked choice voting results

by Greg Lincoln

Winners of the 2022 AK Division of Elections “I Vote” Region VI voting sticker contest for kids.

The final count numbers are in as of November 23rd and we would like to congratulate our Representative-elect Mary Peltola of Bethel! Congratulations for running a positive campaign through this election. Good job to local and state election staff.

Ranked-choice voting is used for state primary, congressional, and presidential elections in Alaska and Maine.

Alaska’s tabulation and analysis for the ranked choice voting was livestreamed online with Alaska Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai presenting the results step by step and explaining each round, thank you for that.

Newly elected are incumbent U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski, U.S. Congresswoman Mary Peltola, Governor Dunleavy/Lt. Gov. Dahlstrom. And for our local races its incumbents Senator Lyman Hoffman for Alaska Senate District S and Representative Neal Foster for House District 39, and Representative-elect Conrad “CJ” McCormick for House District 38.

November 29th, 2022 is the target date to certify the General Election. Quyana, we hope everyone had a relaxing and restful Thanksgiving weekend.

State of Alaska
Election Summary Report
November 8, 2022
UNOFFICIAL RESULTS as of November 23rd, 2022

U.S. Senator

Candidate Party Total

Chesbro, Patricia R. DEM 27,108 10.38%

Kelley, Buzz A. REP 7,534 2.88%

Murkowski, Lisa REP 113,299 43.37%

Tshibaka, Kelly C. REP 111,283 42.60%

Write-in 2,018 0.77%

Total Votes 261,242

U.S. Representative

Candidate Party Total

Begich, Nick REP 61,431 23.34%

Bye, Chris LIB 4,560 1.73%

Palin, Sarah REP 67,732 25.74%

Peltola, Mary S. DEM 128,329 48.77%

Write-in 1096 0.42%

Total Votes 263,148

Governor / Lieutenant Governor

Candidate Party Total

Dunleavy/Dahlstrom REP 132,392 50.28%

Gara/Cook DEM 63,755 24.21%

Pierce/Grunwald REP 11,786 4.48%

Walker/Drygas NON 54,585 20.73%

Write-in 778 0.23%

Total Votes 263,296

Senate District S

Candidate Party Total

Hoffman, Lyman F. DEM 4,415 64.74%

Keppel, Willy VET 2,366 34.69%

Write-in 39 0.57%

Total Votes 6,820

House District 38

Candidate Party Total

McCormick, Conrad J. DEM 2,659 85.09%

Write-in 466 14.91%

Total Votes 3,125

House District 39

Candidate Party Total

Foster, Neal W. DEM 1,857 50.99%

Ivanoff, Tyler L. AIP 1,762 48.38%

Write-in 23 0.63%

Total Votes 3,642

BM#1 Constitutional Convention

YES 75,579 29.54%

NO 180,234 70.46%

Total Votes 255,813