Fun and family time at the State Fair

Millie Twitchell gets to hold a little monkey at the State Fair in Palmer. Photo by Peter Twitchell

by Peter Twitchell

The last time I set foot on the State Fair in Palmer was 2013, so I lost sense of how crowded and busy it is, but thanks to my wife, she made arrangements to buy tickets and go to the Terry Fator show.

I really didn’t know what to expect, but in the back of my mind making puppets come alive with conversation was new in a sense. He was the master of throwing his voice and letting mere puppets come alive and real.

It was fun, being totally amazed how something like this could capture me for 2 hours, even bring tears to my eyes, both from laughing and feelings of deep emotion. I’m glad that I agreed to go to his show.

I never laughed so hard all week, and I was at the Palmer Fair for 3 days, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Out of the hundreds of people I saw at the State Fair those three days, I only knew people I could count on both hands, but there were natives from every tribe across the state in attendance.

I enjoyed on the acts and music on the colony stage and had a visit with my son Dan and his daughter Bessie.

I visited the booths like the Alaska State Troopers, Anchorage Police Department, an organization to protect our hunting rights across the state, and a booth where we got packets to dispose of old prescription medicines.

I tried to get “Meet and Greet” tickets for the Doobie Brothers Concert but they had sold out. Last minute does not work at the ticket booth for major acts.

Back in 2013 I had enjoyed the Ventures lead guitarist, Nokie Edward’s concert at the Sluice Box. I made sure then that I was in the front row, and Nokie signed my electric guitar, which I appreciated very much, besides his autographs on records and CDs in prior encounters with the World’s number 1 instrumental group.

I was really amazed at how huge our veggies grow in the Matanuska valley, the land is so giving and forgiving to produce such bounty.

I enjoyed foods that are only produced on the fairgrounds. l appreciate all the pioneers and their families that keep foods and farm animals alive and well and thriving all these years, and showcase them.

I really enjoyed all the arts and crafts, paintings and pictures people of Alaska put their hearts and souls into, it was all beautiful.

Parking wasn’t bad and they really make an effort to accommodate everyone, including the disabled.

The Palmer State Fair was all good and there was no major incidents of crime that I was aware of. There was an incident where some people broke into one of the buildings and looted it, but they determined it was perhaps an ‘inside’ job.

I did find the monkey riding a dog and “Cujo” keeping the three sheep in line, then the monkey went around and posed for a picture with all interested. I did take a picture of Millie and the monkey, which my daughter labeled, Millie and her “Honey” in which case, when I think about the picture I took, I really lost a lot of weight.

Great fun was had by all, and everyone was friendly and helpful. Quyana and Thank you for a successful State Fair. I can share the picture I took of the Monkey and Millie.