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Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals

Transportation Safety Plan

Requested by The Village of Ohogamiut and Native Village of Marshall

Call for Proposals

The Village of Ohogamiut in partnership with Native Village of Marshall, are currently seeking a qualified individual or firm to develop a strategic tribal Transportation Safety Plan that will meet or exceed U.S. DOT Federal Highway Administration standards as detailed below. 

Proposal Due Date: January 31, 2023 received by 3:00pm (late submissions are not considered)

Proposal Submission Method: Via email, fax, U. S. mail, other delivery services, or hand deliver

Proposal Submission Address:

ATTN: Transportation Director

Village of Ohogamiut

PO Box 49

Marshall, AK 99585 

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 907-679-6545

Fax: 907-679-6516

Professional Services Contract Executed: by February 7, 2023

Project Start Date: by February 7, 2023

Project Completion Date: by July 7, 2023

Project Description and Introduction

Both in partnership, The Native Village of Marshall and The Village of Ohogamiut has identified the need to formulate and implement the use of a strategic Transportation Safety Plan that will enable us to secure funding to improve our roads/trails and save lives.

Who We Are

Marshall is a traditional Yup’ik Eskimo village. The first historical reference to this village comes from records of an expedition, which came upon the Eskimo settlement of Uglovaia at this site in 1880. Gold was discovered on nearby Wilson Creek in 1913. In the ensuing gold rush, the settlement became a placer mining camp because its location on a channel of the Yukon River was convenient for riverboat landing. The village became known as Fortuna Ledge, named after the first child born at the camp, Fortuna Hunter. A post office was established in 1915, and the population grew to over 1,000. Later the village was named for Thomas Riley Marshall, Vice President of the United States under Woodrow Wilson. The community became known as Marshall’s Landing. When the village incorporated as a second-class city in 1970, it was renamed Fortuna Ledge, but was commonly referred to as Marshall. The name was officially changed back to Marshall in 1984. Subsistence and fishing-related activities support residents. Members of the Traditional Villages of Ohogamiut and Takcak also live in Marshall.

Transportation Plan Requirements:

As stated above, the strategic tribal transportation safety plan must meet U. S. DOT-Federal Highway Administration standards as detailed in the latest Tribal Transportation Program Safety Funds Notice of Funding Opportunity.  Adherence to these standards is critical because the Tribe plans to apply for funding through this source and other funding opportunities for safety improvement project funds in subsequent years. 

The development of the strategic tribal transportation safety plan must

•be data driven – using the best available incident history to support emphasis topics and hazardous locations

•identify transportation safety issues

•prioritizes activities with cost to address the issues

•considers safety plans developed by other governments such as State Strategic Highway Safety Plans

•promotes a strategic approach to addressing safety needs by including all safety stakeholders from many disciplines and entities 

•identify potential funding sources to implement the activities

Proposal Requirements:

Proposal must contain the following components. Additional information that may prove beneficial to the Tribe during the rating and awarding process is welcomed. Proposers are asked to refrain from submitting proposals that will not be easily duplicated such as those with spiral binding, photos and fold-out or other larger than letter-sized paper.

1. Contact name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.

2. Detailed description of skills, experience and ability to meet project requirements including identification and designation of roles/responsibilities of key project staff.

3. Client references including project type, dates, contact info and description.

4. Detailed description of approach to project including all of the requirements listed.

5. Detailed project timeline and deliverables.

6. Statement of acceptance, ability and willingness to: enter into a Professional Services Contract.

7. A break-down of proposal budget by task.

8. Statement addressing minority, women, Native American business ownership.

Proposal Scope-of-Work:

Proposers are required to provide a proposed scope-of-work that does not exceed $8,870 in total costs and details: tasks/activities; timeline; deliverables/performance measures; and costs per tasks/activities with administrative costs clearly detailed.

Draft Scoring Criteria:

Proposals will be scored based on the following criteria. The scoring criteria are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the tribe.

The following proposal components will be rated from 1-10 with 1 being the lowest:

•Demonstrated project experience and skills

•Capabilities of key project staff

•Experience working with Native American tribes

•Experience working in project vicinity

•Experience with Transportation Safety Programs and Strategic Safety Planning

•Proposed approach

•Proposed scope-of-work

•Proposed timelines

•Proposed deliverables

•Project budget

•Inclusion of required Statements

•Client references

•Minority, Women, Native American owned entity (775)(2/1-15)

Public Notice

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