February 50: Aniak’s Isaac Underwood mushes to victory

Aniak musher Isaac Underwood is the winner of the February 50 sled dog race. Underwood mushed his team of 8 to claim the top spot in a field of 17 mushers on Saturday, February 27, 2021. In lead for Underwood were 6 year old Chester and 2 year old Charlie. His total time was 3 hours 51 mins.

This is Underwood’s first win in a Kuskokwim 300 sponsored event, congratulations Isaac! For his win he will take home $2700.

Coming in second was Robert Charles Jr. of Akiachak who finished 3 minutes after Underwood. This is Charles’ second race ever, his first was the 2021 Akiak Dash where he finished 12th. Charles raced a team from the Snyder Kennel.

Racing to a third-place finish was Jim George of Akiachak/Kwethluk, he crossed the finish line with a time of 4:01.

Top four musher was Jackie Larson of Napaskiak. In fifth was 17-year-old Raymond Alexie of Kwethluk.

Mushers began with an exciting mass start at 11am. The trail, soft with lots of freshly fallen snow, went upriver from the start by the mouth of the Bethel Small Boat Harbor, up to the Gweek River and on to the Akiachak Portage Trail. Then back on to the Kuskokwim continuing on by Akiachak before looping around the island 2 miles above the village. Then heading back downriver through the small slough across from Akiachak and then connecting back to the K300 trail and on to Bethel.

Fans went up the river to cheer on their mushers and to see how they were doing. It was a nice day for a race.

The Red Lantern award went to Twyla Ehardt of Bethel. She finished in 5 hours 9 mins.

There was an exciting race for 15th place. Tory Fitzpatrick of Akiachak crossed the finish line with a time of 5 hours, 6 minutes, and 6 seconds. Terrel Andrews of Bethel finished just 27 seconds later.

Next is The 100 Mile Challenge on Saturday, March 13, with a 9am start. We plan to close out the season with another 50 miler on Saturday, March 20th. In order to avoid a gathering and the possible risk of spreading Covid-19, there will be no Campout Race this year, said the K300 Race Committee.

February 50 Sled Dog Sprint Race Results

Saturday, February 26, 2021

Place/Name                             Elapsed time    Prize$

1 Isaac underwood                  3:51                 $2,700.00

2 Robert Charles Jr.                3:54                 $2,450.00

3 Jim George                           4:01                 $2,250.00

4 Jackie Larson                       4:06                 $2,050.00

5 Raymond Alexie                  4:07                 $1,850.00

6 Greg Larson                         4:08                 $1,700.00

7 Matt Scott                            4:10                 $1,450.00

8 Fr. Alexander Larson           4:12                 $1,250.00

9 Herman Phillip                     4:17                 $1,050.00

10 Jason Pavila                       4:18                 $900.00

11 Christopher Nicolai            4:37                 $750.00

12 Solomon Olick                   4:42                 $600.00

13 Mike Williams Jr.              4:49:42            $450.00

14 Carl Ekamrak                     4:49:50            $300.00

15 Tory Fitzpatrick                  5:01:06            $250.00

16 Terrell Andrews                5:01:33

17 Twyla Elhardt                    5:09