DHSS intends to continue grant funding CSP and Sobering Center Programs

The City of Bethel council has directed administration to prepare and submit the FY 2021 Bethel Community Service Patrol grant application in the amount of $323,081. The City will also contribute $32,308 of dispatch services as an in-kind match.

“The goal of the CSP Program is to save lives through proper care, transportation, and placement of individuals who cannot care for themselves due to alcohol intoxication. In FY 2019, the Bethel Community Service Patrol members picked up 1,109 people who needed help due to their level of intoxication,” stated Action Memorandum 20-10 presented to city council during the March 24th, 2020 regular council meeting. “These individuals were evaluated by staff and transported to the appropriate facility (Sobering Center, hospital, correctional/DETOX facility, and/or private residence).”

According to AM 20-10, the Department of Health and Social Service (DHSS), Division of Behavioral Health, intends to continue funding the Bethel Community Service Patrol (CSP) and Sobering Center Program for an additional grant year: July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021.

By submitting an application, the City is confirming that staffing, strategies, objectives, and timelines for service delivery will remain the same as in the current year. The City must provide a 10% match or $32,308. The match is in-kind or a portion of the Dispatch Center costs associated with individuals who need CSP services.

AM 20-10, introduced by former Acting City Manager William Howell, passed on the consent agenda.

The City plans to spend nearly the entire grant ($312,000) on salaries, benefits, and overtime pay for three Community Service Patrol Officers. The Police Department will purchase apparel, outdoor gear, medical supplies, gasoline, and pay for CSP cell phones from grant funds.