Derina Harvery Band rocks Bethel

The crowd is enjoying Celtic music by the Derina Harvey Band that performed in Bethel, December 6th. Opening the show was Bethel musician Paul Basile.

December 6th was a night for rocking Celtic music with a band from east coast of Canada that has deep Irish roots. Derina Harvey leads the Celtic Rock sensation, the Derina Harvey Band (dHb), recent winners of the coveted People’s Choice Award at the 2018 Edmonton Music Awards. Their show offered a fresh take on traditional folk songs as well as a few originals. Derina’s vibrant personality took center stage with humour, storytelling, and, of course, her world class vocals.

It clearly takes a community to bring together such a great performance as Derina Harvey Band last night at the Cultural Center. It started with Reyne Athanas talking to Derina at the Las Vegas Arts Showcase. Bethel performing arts support came from Meyers Farm, Top Fuel, and Faulkner Walsh who are committed to bringing live performances to Bethel. Additional funds to help with travel came from the Alaska State Council on the Arts Harper grant and $2500 from the Showcase Award from Arts Northwest.

Coming out of retirement for this show was Bethel’s very own local musician Paul Basile, who opened the show with his own music and tribute to Tom Petty. Special thanks to the Covenant Church, Willie Long, and Andy Angstman for use of their sound equipment, which made the concert rock, CJ McCormick highlighting his catering business with vegan dishes for concessions, JVs helping at the concert, and Bob Wasierski for preparing a fabulous late night meal for band members and volunteers.

The next BCA event is Dec 28-Jan 2, an art installation by Josh Fisher with a community component and reception January 2, 2019. Emma Hill and Bryan Daste will be in concert February 22 with Jacques Longpre opening. For more information on any of these events, please contact Reyne Athanas, [email protected].