CVRF launches series of educational videos on CDQ program

by CVRF Staff

Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) is launching a series of educational videos on the CDQ program and CVRF’s operations in Western Alaska.
The series of videos is designed to support and complement in-person conversations to help explain the origins of the CDQ program, CVRF’s Bering Sea operations, and the organization’s goals and values. The videos are being publicly launched on YouTube and Facebook over the next couple of weeks, but will be primarily used to help CVRF staff present to in-person audiences, and to help explain the uniqueness of the organization to stakeholders.
“Our company is so complex and has such a wide geographic footprint, it can be difficult to convey the full breadth of what we do,” said Angie Pinsonneault, Director of Business Development. “We worked with our stakeholders to develop this series of videos as a tool to help our staff explain a complex region, company, and industry.”
The series is organized in three videos:
• Economic Independence in the Bering Sea – This video describes how the CDQ groups came to be, and the reason the program was formed. It also talks about how CVRF uses the CDQ resources to provide economic development programs in our communities.
• A Short-Term Sacrifice for Long-Term Prosperity – This video explains how CVRF started our own fishing operations in the Bering Sea, using our own fleet of vessels. It also shows how we use our profits from fishing to invest in our communities.
• A Pathway to the Future – This video highlights CVRF’s partnership with our people, and the opportunities we provide for youth development, workforce development, employment, and local wealth creation. We are working hard to help create economic independence in our communities… now and seven generations from now.
The release of CVRF’s brand video follows last week’s release of an economic needs assessment of the CDQ program. Both the brand videos and economic report provide valuable insights into the CDQ program and the communities the program was designed to benefit.
“I am excited to share these videos with our region and with the general public,” said CVRF Chairman Richard Jung. “Watching them, especially the third video of the series, gives me a contagious sense of hope for our region, and I can’t wait to share that with the residents of my community of Napakiak.”