CVRF distributes $200 gift certificate to each household

Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) is providing every household in the region with a $200 gift certificate for use at their local Community Service Centers (CSCs), which reopened under special COVID-19 related health guidelines on May 4. This gift certificate can be used immediately and will not expire until January 1, 2021.

“CVRF works to support our residents year-round, but during these difficult times, we’re ensuring that community members can access the essential repair services they need to maintain a subsistence lifestyle,” said CVRF Board Member, John Samuel of Platinum. “We understand that many of our residents need these shop services in order to continue business and personal activities.”

The $200 gift certificate will cover any CSC related labor costs required to fix residents’ boats, ATVs, snow-machines, Toyostoves, along with other eligible products. This novel program will provide each household with up to four free hours of labor that can be used over the course of multiple CSC repair projects.

CVRF’s community residents depend on these equipment and repair services to travel between villages and continue their subsistence lifestyle of hunting moose and birds, gathering berries and other greens, fishing for salmon, and collecting firewood. With the on-going subsistence lifestyle, residents can use this gift certificate to ensure their equipment is ready to use all season long.

“When my outboard motor needed a minor fix, I had to rely on my father’s boat which was slow and also unreliable,” said Lawrence Evan, a resident of Napaskiak. “Now, thanks to CVRF’s gift certificate program, I was able to get my motor repaired and I’m free to do just about anything, like gathering wood for smoking or going fishing.”

For more information about the gift certificate, please contact your local mechanic/welder.