Cross country season

Cross country runners in grades 4th through 8th participated in the Mamterilleq Mile, hosted by the Ayaprun Elitnaurvik Carayiit in Bethel on Friday, August 20th, 2021. Racers ran by grade in 15 minute increments. Spectators and runners followed race safety guidelines for COVID-19 during the event. “Thank you for helping us enjoy watching and cheering our cross country runners in a safe and respectful manner,” said race organizers.Photo by Isabelle Dyment

by Greg Lincoln

With school in session and kids in sports, fall time is always an exciting time of year. Kids have been running and they are doing great! In Bethel we have the Mamterilleq Mile for the Elementary and JH runners. The BRHS team also competed in Soldotna and Palmer, and on Nelson Island they have been having races also. We encourage our students all to be active in sports, clubs, the arts, or in volunteering. “Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits,” says Nelson Island Schools XC Coach Caitlyn Tully. Thank you to the coaching staff of NIHS and Ayaprun for the race results.

Toksook Bay Parent’s Meet Invitational Results (8/21/21)

Varsity Boys:

1st place: Zachary Angaiak (20:47)

2nd Place: Reece Chagluak (20:48)

3rd Place: Ray Jackson (20:58

4th Place: Colby George (21:46)

5th Place: Landon Mark (22:55)

6th Place: Nathan Matthias (24:22)

7th Place: Aamii Agnus (24:26)

Varsity Girls

1st Place: Jasmine Simons (23:46)

2nd Place: Irene Chakuchin (24:29)

3rd Place: Panik Chimiugak (25:02)

4th Place: Alissa John (27:20)

5th Place: Tass’a Henry (28:20)

6th Place: Benita Charlie (29:39)

7th Place: Kirstan Joe (32:16)

Jr High Boys

1st Place: Mick Chakuchin (10:18)

2nd Place: Gordon Pitka (10:48)

3rd Place: Taulan Patrick (11:02)

4th Place: Ezra Matthias (12:34)

5th Place: Leonard Lincoln (14:12)

Honorable Mention: Drayden Dull

Jr High Girls

1st Place: Rosie Carl (13:46)

2nd Place: Brooke Joe (14:30

3rd Place: Trinity Joe (20:21)

Nightmute Invitational Results (8/28/21) 

Varsity Girls:

1. Jasmine Simons-OOK (29:59)

2. Panik Chimiugak-OOK (30:45)

3. Rosemary Henry-OOK (31:52)

4. Irene Chakuchin-OOK (32:09)

5. Alissa John-OOK (32:24)

6. Benita Charlie-OOK (36:06)

7. Gloria Sipary-OOK (37:40)

Honorable Mention: Keirsen Joe-NME 

Varsity Boys:

1. Raymond Chanar-OOK (24:23)

2. Charles Maxie-OOK (24:28)

3. Felton Albert-OOK (24:32)

4. Landon Mark-OOK (26:43)

5. Reece Chagluak-OOK (26:28)

6. Ray Jackson-NME (27:05)

7. Colby George-NME (28:48)

8. Aamii Agnus-NME (28:48)

9. Cameron Lincoln-OOK (28:58)

10. Jayden Rude-Carl-OOK (31:48)

11: Nathan Matthias-NME (32:02)

Honorable Mention: Zachary Angaiak-OOK 

Jr High Girls:

1. Acelyn Moses-OOK (13:19)

2. Brooke Joe-NME (16:00)

3. Shayna Lincoln-OOK (18:13)

4. Trinity Joe-NME (24:22)

Jr High Boys:

1. Mick Chakuchin-OOK (11:13)

2. Gordon Pitka-OOK (11:35)

3. Taulan Patrick-OOK (12:02)

4. Levi Dull-NME (12:19)

5. Louis Post -NME (14:21)

6. Ezra Matthias-NME (14:24)

7. Leonard Lincoln-OOK (15:17)

Mamterilleq Mile Cross Country Results in order of finish

Friday, August 20th

4th Grade Girls

Maya Iverson

Driel O’Brien

Kamryn Hoffman

Cody Hancock

Zuri Charlie

Kaydence Brink

Toni Craven

Constance Samuelson

Aubree Mukluk

Neveah Kinegak

Abigail J 

Cora Butte

4th Grade Boys:

Bennett Sorg

Owen Carty

Ari Kaiser

Andrew Charlie

Brayden S

5th Grade Girls

Maria K

Ayva Evon

Emilyn Herron

Khloe A

Saige Wheeler

Kiauna O’Brien

Holly J

Mazzy Craven

K’yonce T

5th Grade Boys

Tucker B

Henry Nicholai

Nicholas Reardon 

Jackson Reardon

Adam Sparck

Joel Charlie

Sean O’Hearn

Drake Ashepak

6th Grade Girls

Mary Kay Evon

Thea Vanasse

Isabelle Kerr

Jayna Vanasse

Kaylee Nicolai

Kaitlin Wade

Sally Peters

Gabby S

Gwen Street

Brianna Fredericks

Macy Langlie

6th Grade Boys

Cole Iverson

Max Lonewolf

Walter N

Carver Hancock

Trenton Beaver

Ronald E

Jr High Girls

Rose Dyment

Ashlynn Lonewolf

Riley Boney

Justine Erickson-Bradney

Jr High Boys

Aidan Crow

Kaysen Koutchak

Ethan Wheeler

Steven Butte

Quyana! Results courtesy of Madelene Reichard.