Construction Zones in Bethel

KNIK Construction has issued this construction zone alert for Bethel:

Please exercise caution in the construction zones that are currently located between the Cultural Center and the US Fish and Wildlife Center. They are in the process of removing and replacing culverts throughout the Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway. Once that is finished, KNIK will be resurfacing the pavement. The construction will take place until late fall and I would also like to add that this will be a 2-year project. Expect delays going to and from this area. There are traffic patterns and flaggers on site to direct traffic safely.

Here is a tentative schedule of the road work Knik will be performing for the next couple weeks (Please note these dates are not set in stone and are subject to change):

7/30/19 – 8/2/19 Removing and replacing culverts on Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway near the Cultural Center. We will be closing one lane of the highway at a time to remove the culvert in two sections. Traffic will be directed by a pilot car for this time.

We will also begin Paving the sections of road we have already worked on near BIA road. For this we will be closing one lane of traffic while we pave that lane and using the pilot car to direct traffic through the other.

8/3/19- 8/6/19: Removing and replacing culvert at 3rd Ave and Main street. We will be closing 3rd Avenue (Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway) at the intersection with Main street and will have a detour route provided.

8/7 /19 – 8/10/19: Removing culvert on Ridgecrest Drive near Willow street. We will be closing a section of Ridgecrest Drive but will have a detour route provided through Willow Street and 6th Avenue.

We will try and keep traffic delays and changes to the traffic pattern at a minimum and we will try and keep you up to date on any changes to dates or construction locations that may occur. Along with updating you with our construction schedule as we move forward.

This message from KNIK Construction was issued on Tuesday, July 30, 2019.