City of Bethel empowers council to solicit partners for transit system

The City of Bethel council members passed a resolution that empowers council members to solicit community and/or regional partners for the transit system.

Resolution 17-12 passed on the council’s June 13th, 2017 consent agenda.

The Bethel Transit System was started as a cooperative venture between the City of Bethel and the Orutsararmiut Native Council (ONC). However, ONC is no longer participating in the project.

Operation of the transit system has put a financial burden on the City of Bethel, says the resolution, and that its future is in doubt in part to the lack of community partners.

With community or regional partners, the transit system may be more feasible and viable in providing a service to the people of Bethel, says Res. 17-12, which was introduced by Mayor Rick Robb.

At least one member of council has expressed interest and willingness on soliciting community and regional partners.

“By soliciting community and/or regional partners, we are not binding the City of Bethel,” says 17-12. “Any agreements will need approval of Bethel City Council at a scheduled meeting.”