by Peter Twitchell

Christmas is bankruptcy time for me. What does Christmas really mean? Jesus came into the world, He came as salvation to the world. He paid the price for the forgiveness of man’s sin. God declared: my Son is going to be the salvation to the world – this is Christmas.

We the people of this world don’t look at ourselves as sinners. Christmas is about salvation so we can have a relationship with Creator God! We humanity have to have a relationship with God to have favor with the Almighty Creator. Virgin Mary had favor with God, therefore as part of humanity – we have been granted favor and grace with God. We have been blessed therefore we give freely of ourselves during this time of year, Christmas.

God uniting with us, you and I so we can stand before Him at the end of our journey to experience His love.

Who do we need to bless? Who do we as humans, need to love at Christmas?

We as Christians have a time of happiness as God Creator has granted us favor and love. Remember, Jesus wants to bless us with happiness. Satan, on the other hand, wants to see us unhappy. He wants to rob us of our happiness.

In essence, we will be blessed as God has come through his Son Jesus to guide us. You and me.