Children need to be taken care of

by Peter Twitchell

Where is the child support? The way I see it, mothers of young children are not seeing their child’s support payment each month consistently. The child or children are being neglected by their able-bodied parent(s).

Isn’t there laws in place already that single parents can use to benefit their dilemma? Our innocent children who cannot support themselves are in need of a good advocate.

I hear one too many men say this, “Child support payments are not meant to be used for expenses like gas to take his son or daughter to school with a motorized vehicle or winter clothes to keep the kids healthy and warm.”

The fact of the matter is in making a statement like this by an adult who is a responsible person or not is erroneous and lacking in maturity.

I’ll get right to the point. Why are the fatherless or motherless child(ren) not being taken care of by their deadbeat dad or mom? Why is this even allowed to happen? I can understand now how and why so many of our children in our great State of Alaska are neglected.

We are not protecting our children. if I was a legislator in our State’s capitol, this would be my sole mission as a representative of our children.

Men who don’t pay for the gas to get their kid to school should not have a State of Alaska drivers license. They (deadbeat dads/moms) don’t deserve the same privileges as those parents who pay their child support, and their permanent fund dividend should be deposited in their neglected children’s bank accounts.

Single parents are struggling now even as I write this. The children, our future leaders, are witnessing and with great sadness watching their single parent suffer.

These kids will either be driven to do better in life than their deadbeat dad, or follow him in his footsteps.

We always say we have resilient kids and their own suffering will make them better people. I hope so.

The statistics will show we’re losing our kids. When they have a deadbeat dad who doesn’t put them first, and take care of them, they lose opportunities to lead and we need good leaders today.