Calista Update on CARES Act Relief Funding

Calista Corporation receives $12.2 million; about $325 per eligible Shareholder.

The Calista (cha-LIS-ta) Corporation Board of Directors approved the process for Shareholders to receive assistance through the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund allocation. An application for Shareholders is expected to launch in October.

“As decided by Congress the purpose of these CARES Tribal funds are to provide financial assistance. All 34,000 Calista Shareholders who are U.S. citizens living in the U.S., regardless of age, will be eligible to apply,” said Robert Beans, Calista Board Chair.

Following strict U.S. Treasury guidelines on how relief funds may be used, any use of CARES funds by a Calista Shareholder must be directly connected to the pandemic. When a Shareholder confirms financial harm by the current coronavirus pandemic since March 2020, that Shareholder may be eligible for CARES assistance through Calista’s application process.

Each Shareholder may be eligible to receive $325. On average there are 2.5 Shareholders in each household. That means the average Shareholder household may receive over $800.

Calista’s CARES assistance funds will be sent early December. Applications will be online only for quicker processing and reduced costs. Calista Shareholders may get information at:

$11.4 million is dedicated to the Shareholder assistance program. $10,000 will go to the fish donation program, totaling over 3,300 pounds, assisting families in the Yukon River area with salmon due to low returns this year. Any remaining funds will be used to partially cover the costs of this application program. Additional details will be announced by mid-September.