Calista Corporation Opens Enrollment Enrollment Begins Following Shareholder-Approved Resolution

Calista Corporations announces the opening of enrollment. All the latest information and details are posted at<>.

Enrollment is currently available online only at Paper applications can be requested from the enrollment team. Requests received by January 27, 2017 will have applications emailed or mailed the week of February 13, 2017. By February 3, applications will also be posted on Calista’s website.

There are two new classes of shares. Each new class has specific eligibility requirements.

To be eligible to apply for Class C stock, you must be able to answer yes to the following three criteria: I am a lineal Descendant by birth or adoption of one original Calista Shareholder who received their shares directly from Calista, not through gifting or inheritance (in other words, a child, grandchild, great grandchild, and continuing on with each generation), I was born after December 18, 1971 and I have not enrolled as a Descendant in another ANCSA Regional Corporation.

To be eligible to apply for Class D stock, you must be able to answer yes to the following five criteria:

I was born on or before December 18, 1971, I am / was a resident of or have birth or adopted family ties to the Calista Region, I am a U.S. Citizen, I have at least one-quarter Alaska Native blood quantum and I have not enrolled as an original or Missed Enrollee in another ANCSA Regional Corporation.

Calista thanks everyone that completed the Potential Shareholder Contact Form in 2016. That was not an enrollment form. It provided helpful demographic data and contact information for approximately 7,000 individuals. Everyone must apply for enrollment either online, or with applications.

Calista encourages all eligible persons to apply as soon as possible. All persons who submit a complete application online by February 3, 2017, will be eligible to receive one of 25 (twenty five) $500.00 (five hundred dollars) cash drawings. For all applicants, there will also be a monthly drawing of all complete applications submitted by March 3 (25 prizes of $250 each), April 3 (25 prizes of $100 each), and May 1 (25 prizes of $50 each).

About Calista:

The second largest of the original 13 Alaska Native Corporations, Calista Corporation was established under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 and represents approximately 13,000 Shareholders. The Calista Region encompasses more than 6.5 million acres and includes 56 villages, which are incorporated into 46 individual village corporations. Since 1994, Calista has provided more than $4 million in scholarships to its Shareholders and Descendants. Since inception, Calista has declared more than $46.1 million in dividends and Elders’ Benefit Program distributions to Shareholders.

Calista Corporation is the parent company of more than 30 subsidiaries in the following industries: military defense contracting, construction, real estate, environmental and natural resource development, marine transportation, oil field services and heavy equipment sales, service and rentals.